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Alrosan Company for contracting began its work in 1976, during this period it won excellent reputation in the field of executing contracts using high technology with the testimony of special governmental authorities that we worked with, and our project execution was coupled with good quality and swift accomplishment. Our mode and competence enabled us to win several special and general contracts, under the supervision of work entities and their consultants.



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  • 12/19/2013 - 11:14
      The chairman of the board of directors of Alrosan company for contracting , Ambassador Dr. Hazza Ayesh Abaalrous , said that the construction work is ongoing in the vital and developmental  project of the road that links Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with sultanate of Oman in Rub' al Khali , confirming that the keenness and the support from he government of the... More
  • 09/17/2013 - 09:29
    Minister of transport signs 68 contracts to execute projects costing 5.6 billion SR in all provinces of the kingdom. The minister of transport in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia , Dr. Jubara Ben Eid Alsariry , signed 68  contracts  with  domestic companies and establishments   concerning the  accredited projects owned by the ministry  this year... More
  • 09/16/2013 - 08:54
     The road linking kingdom of Saudi Arabia with sultanate of Oman is expected to be opened after 14 months, where the project is considered as vital, because it represents the second port that links gulf corporation council with sultanate of Oman, which, by virtue of its geographic location, is not linked with the gulf states council, except with one port that is linked... More
  • 07/21/2013 - 11:09
      The board of directors of Alrousan company for contracting convened its third general assembly meeting for the year 2013 in its main office in Alriyadh on Monday 1334 H , corresponding 15/7/2013 , at eleven o’clock  pm , attended by the chairman of the board , A sheikh D.r Hazza Alrousan , chief  executive and managing director , M.r Fahad Alrousan ,... More
  • 07/09/2013 - 14:28
     Sunday, 12/5/2013The chairman of Alrosan Company for contracting, Alsheikh Haza Ben Aysh Aba Alros Aanzi received his highness prince Sultan Ben Mohammed Ben Saud Alkabir in his palace in ALasiah governorate with greetings. He exchanged talks before his move to farm of Haza Alrosan in Alnabaqiya , where he was received in the occasion camp . The meeting was Commenced with... More


 Paving  roads with asphalt  profesionally  , then   a follow-up by high experienced engineers using modern mechanical equipments , laying the... More
 Preparing roads with the all required extensions and foundations for illumination works with all equipments of this investment, according to what will be stated in the... More
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